Case Studies

A detailed account of some of our previous work

Martial Arts Club

Movement Martial Arts

 Martial Arts club located in Sydney's North

What did we do for them?

- AdWords account rescue
- Website rebuild/CRO optimisation
- Data analysis
- Business metrics

What results did we achieve?

- Doubled website conversion rate
- Reduced CPA by 90+%
- Established concrete CLV figure to determine target CPA


Movement Martial Arts is a gym located in Sydney's north. They approached us because they had an adwords account which was being managed by an agency, but were not achieving any notable results.
As small business owners, the team at Movement were more focussed on the day to day running of their business, and didn't have the time nor the inclination to check up on their adwords performance regularly.
Unfortunately their account was being very poorly managed, and as such they engaged us to take a look and see what we could do to improve things.

AdWords account rescue



Our first action was to perform an existing AdWords account audit. This is where we examine an account which has been running for some time to uncover inefficiencies and suggest improvements.
We looked over all aspects of the account and it became very obvious that there were many crucial mistakes which needed to be immediately corrected.
The account was carrying a Cost-Per-Acquisition of almost $500! There are some industries where this figure might be acceptable, but it's impossible for a local gym to make money at this CPA.
We quickly restructured the account and did a complete overhaul to bring it into compliance with best practices. This action "stopped the bleeding" and reduced CPA to manageable levels, but we weren't done there.

Business metrics


Our discussion of CPA led to an interesting discovery - the business didn't actually know how much money they made per customer. They were so focussed on getting the job done that these crucial metrics had fallen by the wayside.
When creating AdWords accounts, it's really important to set some kind of target to aim at. This target should be directly related to your business performance. That way, you can tell if your campaign is a success or failure.
We built a fully custom designed tracking system for Movement, which gave them visibility into how much lifetime revenue they could expect from a new member. From here, we were able to determine a target CPA.

Website rebuild


Once we had established our target CPA, we set about planning how we could outperform it by using AdWords as our primary source of traffic. Hitting targets is nice, smashing them is even better.
It became obvious that if we were going to build the kind of AdWords campaign which would drive amazing outperformance, we'd need to restructure the existing website.
Site structure and design is very important to AdWords performance. A high level campaign will ideally be supported by unique landing pages, high quality copy, and effective conversion rate optimisation.
We built a new site from scratch, with both design and development taken care of. The team not only loved the site but in addition, it was an amazing performer.

Overall results

  • Account conversion rate doubled.
  • Cost Per Acquisition reduced by more than 90%.
  • The team now has a clear idea of their business metrics which allows them to plan more precisely.
  • We achieved all of the above without increasing monthly account spend.

eCommerce Retailer

eCommerce Retailer

$3m+ Annual Revenue

What did we do for them?

- Full analysis of existing business model
- Comprehensive market research
- Adwords account rescue
- Google Shopping optimisation

What results did we achieve?

- Created positive ROI within one month
- Increased return on spend from 2.5x to more than 20x
- Increased total number of sales by more than 300%
- Decreased cost per conversion by more than 80%



We inherited this AdWords campaign from the client’s previous agency. The client had expressed disappointment with the performance of the campaign this far, and in fact had considered stopping Adwords altogether. They decided to give us a shot and see what we could do.


Initial investigation

Our first priority was to sit with the client and understand their business model to ascertain not only their margins, but also their strategy for surviving the cut throat competition native to their market sector, and how to best position their product online to carve out a profitable niche.

We once again were fortunate in inheriting this account as it was about three years old. This meant that we had a lot of historic data which we could use to investigate what had happened so far, and see if we could identify any obvious problems.

As usually happens when we take over accounts from other agencies, we could see pretty quickly that the account had been badly neglected, with many inefficiencies and errors which were hampering ROI.


Looking into Google Shopping (PLA)

For eCommerce retailers who have their inventory managed with a system like Magento, we’re able to generate an XML feed of products which links to your Google Adwords account. These products are then displayed in the Google Shopping section of the search results when people search for your product.

This retailer had been set up on Google Shopping but the challenge is that setting up this feed and implementing it correctly is actually quite difficult. It’s a technical process and as such is prone to being performed incorrectly, and that’s what we found had happened in this case.


A little bit of back end

We got in touch with the client’s web development partner and gained access to their Magento instance. This was necessary to ensure that the clients product feed was not only being generated correctly, but also that it was populated with high quality data. The quality of the shopping feed is one of the most important factors which goes into the success of a Google Shopping campaign.

We installed a new module in Magento which generates high quality Google Shopping feeds, and performed some data sanitisation on the products which were already populated. That way we could be sure that we had the best possible Google Shopping set up.

Campaign examination

Once we had the technical stuff taken care of, it was time to look at the existing campaign and establishing what had been done so far. Performance was lacking, with a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) figure of about 250%. This means that for each dollar spent on ads, the client was making $2.50 in revenue.

Although it might sound good to be making more money that you’re spending, you have to be careful to take operating margins into account to establish true ROI. Once you allow for COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), this client was not making money each month and in fact was losing money after all costs were taken into account. The previous agency had been focussed purely on increasing monthly ad budget and delivering “vanity metrics”, rather than tracking return on advertising spend.

Google Shopping rebuild

With our initial investigation complete we began to rebuild the shopping campaign and correct the existing inefficiencies implemented by the original creators. We had to take this process step by step to ensure that we didn’t cause undue disruption to the availability of the client’s products.


Over time we were able to completely turn the campaign around and achieve an awesome result for the client. We took ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) from 250% to 1400%, so for each dollar the client spends on advertising, they now make $14 in revenue and are easily in profit.


  • Created positive ROI within one month
  • Increased return on spend from 2.5x to more than 20x
  • Increased total number of sales by more than 300%
  • Decreased cost per conversion by more than 80%

Medical Provider

Medical Client 

$25,000 monthly revenue

What did we do for them?

- Cross channel remarketing
- Custom remarketing list creation
- Remarketing on both Display and Search
- Social media integration
- Peak period sales campaign

What results did we achieve?

- 900% return on ad spend
- Significantly positive ROI sales campaign


This project was a combined effort between Tell No Lies and our partner agency who works exclusively in the social media space. Tell No Lies has many industry partnerships which allows us to offer many integrations with other services such as social, web development and eCommerce to name a few.


Our social media partners alerted us to an opportunity which existed with one of their ongoing clients. This client had seen some excellent success with Facebook marketing, but felt that more could be done in terms of monetising the traffic which was being generated through social media platforms.

Display based traffic such as that available through Facebook can be very cost effective but often does not see supremely high rates of conversion. This can mean that adspend can lead to limited amounts of revenue if that traffic is not put through a proper marketing funnel approach.

Cross channel traffic

One of the great benefits of using Google Analytics is the ability to create very sophisticated remarketing lists. A remarketing list is a way for you to create a group of users based on their behaviour on your website, which you can then publish to AdWords for either search or display based remarketing. It’s estimated that 70% of sales come from those users who are already familiar with your brand and website, so remarketing can be an immensely profitable use of your adspend.

Remarketing from Facebook

The client was generating a great deal of Facebook traffic already, so we went in to their existing Google Analytics setup to create some remarketing profiles. We created multiple profiles based mostly on combinations of pages visited, as well as specific products viewed.

Keeping you in mind

With these lists created, we sourced a number of eye catching and relevant banners to distribute across the Google Display Network. This network reaches across millions of partner websites in every corner of the internet, making it a great way to ensure that your banners will be in front of your audience as they surf.

One of the exciting benefits of remarketing via the Google Display Network is that the traffic can be quite affordable. You can choose to bid per click or per thousand impressions, and usually you will be able to obtain this traffic. The combination of cheap traffic and precise targeting can often lead to great results.


We ran the remarketing campaign for three months to coincide with one of the client’s sale offers. During those three months we saw a ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) of more than 900% which meant that the client comfortably achieved positive ROI.



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