Content is STILL the king – and the data shows this clearly

Some interesting survey data just crossed my desk from Stackla (link below):

For those who don’t know, UGC stands for “User Generated Content”.

From the article:

After surveying 2,042 consumers across the U.S., UK and Australia, it’s clear that consumers crave more personalized and authentic shopping experiences. Not only are pandemic shopping and social trends here to stay, but they are also making real and relevant content—like user-generated content (UGC)—more important than ever for brands to leverage.

It’s the worst kept secret in all of digital marketing – Content is King.

Flashy digital marketing agencies will try and sell you on their highly sophisticated execution strategies that they’ll leverage to “master the algorithms” on Facebook or Google Ads.

But the secret sauce to high ROI has always been high quality and engaging content, paired with a well designed data collection and analysis framework which allows for profitable decision making.

The data doesn’t lie:

If you’re not producing high quality content that clearly demonstrates your products features and benefits, and also contains real and authentic customer use cases and reviews, you are falling behind.

So how can you take advantage of this consolidation towards authenticity and quality?

  • Think about how you can use content to generate trust – show your product being used by real people in real situations
  • Don’t try and do it yourself. Get in touch with a quality content production agency who have the skill and experience to expertly showcase your product
  • Measure everything! Make sure your data and analytics systems are well designed so you can measure and analyse how your different content pieces are driving sales behaviour

Here’s a link to the original article: (LINK)

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