InnovationAus.com is an independent publisher delivering top-notch journalism and bespoke multimedia content, focusing on Australia’s tech industry development through coverage of pertinent state and federal policies and programs. They are tasked with building influential and high-value audiences both online and in-person, and ultimately contributing to the commercial progression of the tech sector.

As part of the InnovationAus offering, the team offers their clients advertising placements on the website as well as in the weekly newsletter. Part of the service is that they will report back to their clients how effective this advertising has been, in the form of impressions, clicks, and other performance metrics.


Objectives and Goals

Performance reporting is a key consideration for the InnovationAus team, and understandably, their clients often request timely and detailed reports which transparently show their media performance across the email newsletter, the website, and other activity like podcasting and sponsored articles.

Being able to produce timely and accurate reporting requires a skillset in advanced data engineering and analysis, which is generally far beyond what most businesses can execute internally. So InnovationAus reached out to us in order to help them build some live reporting dashboards, as well as to leverage our experience in maintaining and optimising the data pipelines which run behind the scenes.


The Solution

We set up a standardised template for performance reporting, then onboarded each of their clients so that each of them has their own customised dashboard which reports on all of their paid media and sponsored articles. Each client is unique, and we were careful to understand the requirements of each clients reporting.

The dashboards are fed by an intricate yet robust data pipeline which takes data not only from the website through Google Analytics 4, but also a custom advertising platform which is connected to an automated data ingestion and processing system which makes sure that each client has a timely and accurate sense of how their paid placements are performing.

Additionally, the team were able to leverage our extensive experience in data analysis to do some customised deep dive projects where we explored the demographic makeup of their user base across the website and the newsletter. Understanding who is viewing their materials was crucial for the team to better tailor their content and engagement frameworks to their specific user cohorts.


As a result of the work we’ve done – and continue to do – with InnovationAus, they now have a seamless and well-integrated reporting and data analysis system which allows them to easily and transparently report back to their clients regarding the performance of their paid media activity.

By partnering with Tell No Lies, the team benefits from having the expertise of an entire data engineering team, without any of the hassle and prohibitive cost of having to bring this functionality in house.

Client Testimonial

Working with Tell No Lies has been a game-changer for us at InnovationAus.com. Their team, with their exceptional skill and dedication, revamped our advertising reporting system, providing insightful, customized dashboards for our diverse client base. They struck the perfect balance between technical expertise and a client-focused approach, making complex data insights accessible and relevant. Their commitment to transparency and accuracy has not only enhanced our client relationships but also enriched our content strategy, allowing us to connect better with our audience. We are grateful for their collaborative spirit and look forward to continued innovation and success together.

Cath Arnott
Managing Director at Espresso Communications and InnovationAus