Tell No Lies has been working with Advantage Agency for several years, and during that time we have fostered a fantastic and synergistic working relationship.

Merging with marketing powerhouse, Menace Group, in July 2021, and based on the NSW Central Coast, Advantage Agency is a full-service marketing and creative agency which helps clients who have decided that it’s time to take their business to the next level through branding, marketing, design and web.

As experts in their fields, the team at Advantage realised the importance of data in measuring, benchmarking and optimising the work they do for their clients. However, like many agencies in this space, they found it difficult and cost prohibitive to find, hire, train and retain the staff required to implement and manage often highly complex data systems and workflows.

Objectives and Goals

We originally spoke to Advantage about setting up some standard services around the implementation of Google Analytics 4 accounts as well as complex Google Tag Manager installations, and the maintenance of the resulting data frameworks. We also spoke to the team about how they can leverage our bespoke analysis and consultation services for higher level jobs.

One of the key goals for Advantage was to achieve the simplicity of a standardised and streamlined briefing process which minimised the amount of time and effort required on the agency’s side when onboarding a new client. They simply wanted to throw these clients to us, and have us implement systems like Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, eCommerce tracking and lead tracking with perfect accuracy and on brief each time.

The Solution

We worked with the Advantage team to develop a series of analytics installation packages with a standardised scope of works and consistent pricing depending on the basic client profile. This consistency gave the team certainty about service level delivery, and their transparency with the client allowed us to work directly with the end user to manage the projects end to end.

Additionally, we arranged some support packages which allowed the Advantage team to reach out to us at any time for assistance with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, implementation problems, technical assistance, and reporting queries. This allowed them to make use of our extensive experience in the field without having to worry about the expense and hassle of hiring a full time employee or engaging unknown contractors.


As a result of the work we’ve done together, the Advantage team now has the confidence that they can onboard new clients seamlessly and accurately, with a best-in-class analytics system being installed into every client. This allows the team to not only use highly accurate data to optimise their campaigns, but also feed this data back into their advertising platforms to enhance algorithmic learning and performance enhancement.

Additionally, the team have an expert team of data professionals at their disposal for ad-hoc work, gaining access to all levels of expertise from basic analysis all the way up to data scientists.

Client Testimonial

“We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Andrew from Tell No Lies on several projects involving intricate data analytics implementations. Their expertise in configuring Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as well as the various, bespoke channel implementations, is truly commendable. With their meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of data, they’ve played a crucial role in helping us deliver data-driven insights to our clients. They are now our preferred partner for data analytics services.”

Sam Petrusma
Co-Founder at Advantage Agency