Style Sourcebook is a product sourcing and mood board community which helps you renovate and decorate. They have created an innovative and engaging web app which allows users to create mood boards based on their favourite interior design products.

As a predominantly web-based user experience, the team had a basic understanding of the need for comprehensive and accurate data collection, to assist them in making better strategic decisions relating to marketing activity and product development. However, they were looking for more guidance as to how to collect and leverage data to fulfil these business objectives.

Objectives and Goals

We were initially contacted by Style Sourcebook to help them gain visibility over acquisition activity. However, after speaking with the team, we helped them to expand this vision into a suite of data collection systems which spanned across not only campaign attribution and conversion activity, but also into the usage of the application itself.

Additionally, we helped the team to run some complex investigations into data segmentation and reporting, which allowed them to drill down into their user data to gain key insights into product performance and user behaviour.

The Solution

Tell No Lies worked with the Style Sourcebook team to firstly design a comprehensive measurement plan. This crucial planning stage allowed us to freely explore the ways in which the resulting dataset could answer the pressing questions posed by marketing and business leadership.

Given the technical nature of the product, Tell No Lies also interfaced very closely with the clients development team to help them add script elements to the codebase of the product which reacted to various user inputs and pushed values to the page data layer, allowing us to greatly enrich the quality of our collected information.

We performed an end to end Google Analytics 4 installation, using many custom GTM elements and scripting functions to achieve the required data granularity. Through multiple rounds of quality control we ensured that all data was accurate and checked for consistency.

Finally, we supported the team in an ongoing fashion to provide analytics capability, in which we leveraged our extensive knowledge of data analysis and reporting to help the team extract meaningful insight from their dataset and answer their specific business and marketing performance questions.


As a result of working with the Tell No Lies team, Style Sourcebook now has a fully comprehensive and continually updated dataset which covers not only the performance of acquisition activity, but also the behaviour of users as they use the product.

Supported by the TNL team in an ongoing fashion, Style Sourcebook are now able to gain deep insight into their product and marketing performance and make far more precise and powerful decisions relating to the direction of both strategic and tactical activity.

Client Testimonial

” Collaborating with Tell No Lies has been an enriching experience for us at Style Sourcebook. Their team brought not just expertise, but a genuine partnership and enthusiasm to the table. They made complex data processes understandable and worked seamlessly with our development team, creating a collaborative and confident atmosphere. Their support has given us valuable insights into our user behavior and product performance, guiding us in making strategic and informed decisions. We are grateful for their ongoing support and the positive energy they bring to every challenge. ”

Luke Moulton
Growth Manager at Style Sourcebook